Monday, January 9, 2017

South German Tigerhead ( Süddeutscher Tigermohr )

Süddeutscher Tigermohr - Tête criblée d'Allemagne du sud - South German Tigerhead
South German Tigerhead fancy pigeon - or also known by the names: Criblée Tête de L'Allemagne du Sud, Süddeutscher Tigermohr, Marezzata Testa della Germania del Sud, Южно-Немецкий Тигроголовый - a variety that originated from southern Germany, mainly bred in Ulm region, so it is locally known as Ulmer Mohr, who informed has developed since the 1700s. Varieties that are incorporated into this color type, quite popular, but still not too widespread informed bred in other countries in Europe. Having the ability to fly very well, but it seems to be a concern appearance in its development over the years.

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