Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pomeranian pouter-cropper ( Pommerscher Kröpfer )

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Pommerscher Kröpfer  -  Boulant de Poméranie - Pomeranian Cropper
Pomerania, two hundred to three hundred years ago. It is said the Pomeranian was originally called the Old Dutch Cropper but the name was changed to Pomeranian Cropper about 1850. Most authorities believe the two breeds are closely related.

fancy white pigeons
poeranian pouter white
The Pomeranian Pouter Pigeon is an eye-catching ornamental pigeon that can inflate its crop to create a huge, thrust-out breast. This variety is larger than many pouters, and it was bred to have longer legs and a more erect stance, so it makes a fine display with its alert round head sitting atop the huge globe. The lower legs are also distinctive, with long feathers from 4 to 8 inches long that form the beautiful muffs. The birds seem to possess a drive to strut and display themselves, so they make exceptional show birds.

pomeranian pouter

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