Monday, August 22, 2016

Granadino cropper-pouter pigeons ( Buchon Granadino )

Gusat Granadino - fancy pigeons pics
Granadino Pouter-Boulant Granadino-Granadino Kröpfer-Buchon Granadino
Fancy pigeon Granadino pouter- or also known as : Гранадино - испанский багдет - a variety that originated from the region of Andalusia ( Spain ) , which is an old race Laudino , developed , especially in Granada , is expected since the 18th century . Varieties are classified as type Cropper has the ability to fly very well , despite the recent developments are very popular as klangenan . Usually has a style that fly slowly and gracefully , gizzards inflated , the tail was divided and lifted slightly upward , floated beautifully.

Boulant Granadino -Porumbei gusati

Granadino Kröpfer - pouter pigeons

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