Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Texan pioneer pigeons

texan pioneer
Texaner  -  Texan  -  Texan Pioneer
Whereas the origin of most breeds of pigeons may be rather obscure in history, the origin of the Auto-Sex Texan Pioneer is very definite as to time, place, breeds used, and purpose. This development project began in Houston Texas in 1953 by Mr. Delwin V. James. The Texan Pioneer was developed to obtain the most efficient squab producer possible. This meant a squab having not only plumpness, but also an exceptionally high dress out (eviscerated) to live weight ratio. Bred from parents who are fast producers, good feeders, not overly large, and having high disease resistance, and a long producing period of life. This requirement called for the development of a terrific breast, with small heads, small legs and feet, and the reduction of wing and tail size. The forerunner of the Texan Pioneer was called the Auto-Sex Texan. This was a loft name given them for record purposes only. The Texan was produced with an auto-sex factor through the use of Auto-Sex Kings and the French Mondains, giving a hybrid of 3/8 Auto-Sex King and 5/8 French Mondain.

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