Thursday, February 2, 2017

Blue Sovater ( Szováti kék )

Blauer Sovater  - Bleu de Sovat -  Blue Sovater - Szováti kék
Fancy pigeon Blue Sovater - or also known by the names: Blaue Sovater, Pigeon de Sovat Bleu, Blu Sovat, Голубой соватер - is a variety that comes from Haydusovat (Hajdúszovát) and its surroundings, in Hungary. Varieties which are classified into types utility pigeons , believed began to be developed between 1975-1986, with a similar appearance varieties of Homer or King. Fancy pigeon is newly recognized as a separate varieties in 1987. Designation as a dove cut / broiler.

Bleu de Sovat

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