Sunday, August 28, 2016

Lahore pigeon #2

Lahore blue barred
The purpose of this lahore standard of perfection is to guide the breeder in the endeavor to produce show specimens that closely resemble the Ideal. This standard is also to be used as the guideline for the judging at all shows. A consistent evaluation of all points of this standard is to be desired. It should be stressed that the Lahore is a balanced bird with specific markings and is difficult to produce correctly. Therefore, we should search for the desirable traits and not be overly concerned with minor faults.

lahore pigeon price

Adult - $20.00
Family - $25.00
Junior (18 years of age and younger) - $10.00
Foreign - $25.00
lahore dun

lahore mosaic

lahore lavender

lahore grey barred

lahore grey white barred rare color

lahore yellow barred

lahore red barred

lahore silver barred

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