Sunday, August 28, 2016

Szolnok Bagdad pigeons ( Szolnoki Bagdetta )

bagdad pigeons - szolnok  - Szolnoker Bagdette
Szolnoker Bagdette-Bagadais de Szolnok-Szolnok Bagdad-Szolnoki Bagdetta
Szolnok bagdad pigeons Origin: Hungary, the center of the Great Plains, Szolnok and in the immediate vicinity where the 20's bred careers, Dragone, traveling and racing pigeons crossing. A description of the kind adopted in 1954.

Hungary, the centre of Lowlands, Szolnok and the direct area of it. It was bred crossing with carriers pigeons, dragons and homer pigeons in 1920s. Description of breed standard was accepted in 1954.

wattle pigeons szolnok

bagdad pigeons - Szolnoki Bagdetta

Szolnoki Bagdetta

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