Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Berne Guggerr pigeons ( Berner Gugger )

swiss pigeons
Berner Gugger - Coucou Bernois - Berne Gugger
The Berne Gugger is the oldest guaranteed Swiss pigeon race . It was in the 16th century came to its own in the canton of Bern . Your name indicates that the Sperber similar plumage of the cuckoo , which resembles the drawing of the dove . Previously she covered the entire breast and today it is reduced to the neck collar . The Berne Gugger is a sleek , elegant , spirited and joyful flight pigeon with pointed cap . Your original drawing style is the blue tail . The white tail emerged in the 20th century

Berner Gugger-Coucou Bernois-Berne Guggerr

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