Saturday, August 27, 2016

Lille Pouter pigeons ( Boulant Lillois )

Liller Kröpfer-Boulant Lillois-Lille-Pouter
Fancy pigeon Lille Pouter - or also known by the names : Boulant Lillois , Lille Cropper , Liller Kröpfer , Gozzuto in Lilla , Лильский дутыш - a variety that originated from the region of Lille, Francis the north , but the information has been discovered since when was developed ( the possibility of the 19th century or earlier ) . Varieties are classified as type Cropper is quite popular in his home region . Records show that the power of flight "bad " , so the development is more focused on the quality of his performance .

Lille Pouter-Boulant Lillois-pouter pigeons

Lille Pouter-Boulant Lillois - cropper pigeons

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