Friday, January 13, 2017

Piestanau Giant Pigeon ( Piestanske Obor )

Piestanauer Riesentaube
Piestanauer Riesentaube - Géant Piestanois - Piestanau Giant Pigeon  - Piestanski Obor
Giant Piestanau fancy pigeon  - also known by the names: Géant Piestanois, Piestanauer Riesentaube, Peshtyanskie Giants, Пьештянский Гигант - a variety that originated from the western regions of Slovakia, who informed developed since the year 1970-1980, and is expressed as a result of cross of many races, among others, King, Texan, Giant Hungarian, Moravian Strasser, Giant Homer, as well as a variety of other races. The substance of the actual development to create pigeon meat, especially in weight gain and productivity. utility type varieties classified, evolving thanks to hard work and leading breeder, Andrew Boda, and these varieties are recognized in the permanent standard in 1987. In addition to having the ability to fly is good, this variety also look elegant.

Piestanski Obor

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