Sunday, July 10, 2016

French bagdad pigeons ( Französische Bagdette )

bagdad pigeons - wattle pigeons
Französische Bagdette - Bagadais Francais - French Bagdad pigeons
French bagdad Origin  France. This is the French version of the original Middle Eastern Bagdad. More than 200 years ago France had six or more varieties of Bagdads, which probably arose from various crosses with other French breeds. Today, all but the present type of Bagdad seem to have disappeared. This Bagdad is also a long bird with hard, tight feathers. As its picture shows, it has long legs and an exceedingly long neck. Its head, eye cares, and beak wattles are more refined than those of its English carrier and Moravian bagdad cousins; its tail is carried horizontally; its eyes are pearl, except in whites, where they are dark.

Französische  Bagdette - black pigeons

Französische  Bagdette - french pigeons breed

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