Monday, July 11, 2016

South german blasse pigeons ( Süddeutsche Blasse )

south german blaze
Süddeutsche Blasse -  Calotte blanche d'Allemagne du sud - South German Blasse pigeons
South German Blasse fancy pigeon - or also known by the names : Blanche de l' A Calotte du Sud , Süddeutsche Blasse , Calotta Bianca della Germania del Sud , Южно - Немецкий Блассе - a variety that originated from the region of southern Germany , but not yet find information since when was developed. By connecting multiple records, associated with varieties originating from Germany , the possibility of these varieties have been known since the 17th century . Varieties are classified into colour pigeons types , including very popular in his home country , and has also been cultivated in various countries in Europe . These varieties are known to fly well , but more focused on the development aspects of appearance .
black pigeons - colur type - pigeons

 muffed pigeons - south german muffed pigeons

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