Saturday, July 9, 2016

Coburg lark pigeons ( Coburger Lerche )

utility pigeons - pigeon breed
Coburger Lerche  -  Alouette de Cobourg  -  Coburg Lark
The Coburg Lark is a Utility Pigeon and is one of the finest birds amongst the diverse Pigeon breeds.Belonging to the Lark family it is similar to the Nuremberg Lark Pigeon and the South German Charcoal Lark and also resembles the dove. It is known as the Koburger Lark or Gold Leads Lark as well. Similar to above but with grey head. The head is completely light grey in color. The neck is dark grey in color or some times a shade of green color is seen. The breasts are brownish yellow in color. Wings are chequered or plain light grey in color. Chequered wings are a combination of grey and black color, beautifully arranged in an evenly order. Plain wings have diluted grey color. The long feathers of wings are black in color. Eyes are black and have red cere around it. The Tail is dark grey in color, almost black. The lower body is also diluted grey in color. The legs are plain and have a long beak. The finest bird among all the pigeon breeds having silky effect. These birds These birds are excellent parents, an active breed, will become tame but do not like to be being handled.

pigeons - utility

Gold Leads Lark

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