Friday, December 16, 2016

Seldschuk Pigeon ( Seldschuke )

selçuk - güvercin
Seldschuke - Seldjoukide - Seldschuk Pigeon
The Seldschuk Pigeon - or also known by the names: Seldjuk Fantail, Seldjoukide, Seldschuke, Cелдчак - is a variety that comes from the city of Konya, region of Anatolia (Turkey), and informed (estimated) have been around since the 11th century or the 12th. Variety is believed to be an ancient race of this otherwise very well known and proud in the area of ​​origin, but has not been so popular in many countries in Europe. Even in Turkey itself informed is still very limited breeders who maintain this variety. Until now, the varieties are classified into types structure pigeons is still debated, among others, in the United States was placed into type tumbler (and EE itself establish Germany as a country of origin). This variety has a good ability to fly, but it seems more interesting aspects of the appearance of attention. This variety was first exhibited in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1982, while in the Netherlands was first exhibited at Nord Zuidlaren Show, 1998.
konya - seldchuk fantail

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