Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bohemian Ice Cropper ( Cesky volác sivy )

Böhmischer Eiskröpfer - Boulant Satin de Bohême - Bohemian Ice Cropper - Cesky volác sivy
Czech Ice Cropper - or also known by the names: Boulant tchèque, Tschechischer Eiskröpfer, Gozzuto Ceco Color Ghiaccio, Чешский ледовый дутыш - a variety that was introduced from the Czech (Czechoslovak), which was developed since 1890. In the development that occurred furthermore, in the 19th century, has been confirmed to be placed in a group of type Cropper. Participation in the exhibition first held in Germany in 1970. Although it has the ability to fly was good, but the development of this variety is intended more for appearance's sake.

Boulant Satin de Bohême

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