Thursday, November 24, 2016

Moravian Bagdad ( Moravsky Bagdetta )

Moravsky Bagdetta
Mährische Bagdette - Bagadais de Moravie - Moravian Bagdad - Moravsky Bagdetta
The Moravian Baghdad pigeons - also known by the names: Bagadais de Moravie, Mährische Bagdette, Bagadese della Moravia, Моравский багдет - a variety that originated from Moravia and Brno (Czech, Czechoslovakia), has been developed for a long time (locally known as name "Turek"), but it was only recognized as a separate varieties in 1967. Many developed at Fort Hodonin, and also in Hungary. Some information suggests that these varieties represent ancient race originally from Turkey, but later varieties have disappeared in Czechoslovakia in the late 18th century. Wattle pigeon varieties belonging to this type, expressed as varieties able to fly well, but is now better known as a dove ornament.
Bagadais de Moravie

Mährische Bagdette

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