Friday, November 25, 2016

Rzhev Ribbon Tail Tumbler ( Ржевский Ленточный Турман )

Ribbon Tail Tumbler - color tumbler pigeons
Rschewer Sternschwanztümmler  - Culbutant de Rjev Rzhev - Ribbon Tail Tumbler -Ржевский Ленточный Турман
The Rzhev Ribbontail tumblers pigeons - also known by the names: Rzhev Startailed, Culbutant de Reshew, Rschewer Sternschwanztümmler, Capitombolante a Coda Stellata in Rshev, Ржевский Ленточный Турман - a variety that originated from the kora Rzhev, west-northwest Moscow (Russia) , which has been developed since the beginning of the 19th century. Varieties which are classified tumbler pigeons type is one of about 170 Russian domestic pigeon race, which has been very popular in many countries, especially in Europe, then in the United States. These varieties are the ancient race, and has a very long history of development, thus gaining its present form. Having a good flying skills, but the development is now almost entirely devoted to improving the quality of appearance.

Rschewer Sternschwanztümmler

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