Monday, October 10, 2016

Franconian Trumpeter pigeon ( Fränkische Trommeltaube )

fancy trumpeter pigeons
Fränkische Trommeltaube - Tambour de Franconie - Franconian Trumpeter
Fancy pigeon Franconian Trumpeter - or also known by the names: Tambour de Franconie, Fränkische Trommeltaube, Tamburo in Franconia, Франконский барабанщик - varieties derived from Oberfranken (Germany), the area adjacent to Thuringia, and the unknown began to be developed since the 1900. Then in later times this variety was developed in the Netherlands, and followed by other countries in Europe. Varieties are classified as types of Trumpeter pigeons has a good ability to fly, but especially developed to meet the demands of taste who want a fancier sebagain trumpeter-legged clean (clean-legged). As the group, this variety also issued a trumpet sound.

trumpeter pigeons

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