Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Amsterdam beard Tumbler ( Amsterdamse Tuimelaar )

Amsterdamer Bärtchentümmler - Culbutant barbu d'Amsterdam - Amsterdam beard Tumbler - Amsterdamse Tuimelaar
Amsterdam beard Tumbler - or also known by the names: Culbutant d'Amsterdam, Amsterdamer Bärtchentümmler, Capitombolante Barbuto in Amsterdam, Амстердамский турман - an old race of Amsterdam, Netherlands, which has been developed since the 18th century, but only in the year 1993 is an internationally recognized varieties, and are classified into types tumbler pigeons. Including the type of aviator strong, but not racing pigeons.

Amsterdamse Tuimelaar

These include medium-sized pigeon, with body position is almost flat, nimble and quick to react. Another characteristic is the existence of such patches of white fur on the chin or throat, as well as the tail feathers and primary wing feathers is always white. According to data obtained (clipping collection Hare), it is known that since 1993, this variety was introduced in the colors: black, red, brown, blue, beige and yellow, with or without stripes wings (bar). In a contest or exhibition, it appears that the size of the assessment of these varieties other than the power of flight, the proportions of the body and hue concern. In addition to the country of origin, in the Netherlands, this variety is not so popular among the general public. Ring-foot size:8.

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