Sunday, August 14, 2016

Triganino Modena pigeons ( Triganino Modenese )

Modeneser-Triganino de Modène-Modena
;Triganino Modeneser - Triganino de Modène - Triganino Modena - Triganino Modenese
Old pigeon breed whose origin is believed to date back to the fifteenth century high for centuries in the city of Modena (Emilia ) . It was used in Italy until the end of the 19th century as a messenger of small and medium distances , but mostly was used for a game of " flight " typical. It is not possible to determine exactly what were his ancestors, but in all probability , we can say that the Triganino was selected by crosses between pigeons and doves from the East, the current chicken types pigeons natives, and this would also explain the characteristic shape of Triganino which is also called " Barchetta " (recall the shape of the Italian small wooden fishing boat). The name " Triganino " derives from " colombo " This speed and grace of forms which look like a dove , whose name is Greek, is Trigon .
gazzi triganino modena - colombi triganino modenese
Triganino Modena gazzi
triganino modenese
Triganino Modena magnanı

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