Monday, August 15, 2016

Hungarian Pigeons ( Huhnschecke )

Huhnschecke - Poule Hongrois - utility pigeons
Huhnschecke - Poule Hongrois -  Hungarian -  Huhnschecke

There is hardly a pigeon book the last 100 years, in which the chicken look will not be described. The few can claim to pigeon breeds and shows the high regard in which to enjoy the Chicken Take a tremendously long period. Nevertheless, they are never "commodity" become. This went on and even goes so far that they do not exist in some regions. In others, such as in parts of Bavaria and Saxony, to correct strongholds have developed. Unfortunately, they have not even made it into Switzerland. This is a circumstance that is regrettable. Chicken Take Namely highly interesting doves, to which one should ever take a look. As so often, there are namely the experiences with and a pigeon race that bring the fire to blaze. In everyday language, the race is often called "Linzer" means, suggesting an Austrian origin. This has also been reflected in the standard, is specified in the Upper Austria as a region of origin. In the English literature they are known as "Hungarian", ie "Hungarian". The breed name "chicken piebald" or "hens tobiano" but has prevailed.

Huhnschecke - Huhnschecke -hungarian pigeons - utility pigeons - utility pigeons

Huhnschecke -

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