Saturday, August 20, 2016

South German Shield pigeons ( Süddeutsche Schildtaube )

Süddeutsche Schildtaube - south german colour pigeons
Süddeutsche Schildtaube-Bouclierde l'Allemagne du sud-South German Shield
Of all the races of the South German color pigeons the South german Shield pigeons can most breeders circle call their own. Their large number breeder the breeding status has stabilized at a very high level, so that the South German Shield pigeons are often seen as "showpiece" of our breed group. They are invariably glattfüßig and always adorned with a highly sedentary and freestanding round hood with rosettes. The eye color is dark; surrounded by a red, in the rare color impacts also lighter eye rim. Like a roof sets the sign drawing on the white base. It is not surprising if they were known as "Dachen" in ancient times. Made the shield drawing is by a colored wing shield, most including the thumb feathers. 8 to 10 primaries have to be white. 27 colors strokes are recognized. In addition to the widely used Black, Red, Yellow and Blue, there are also rarer Fahle and their Hammered and White Cohesive and Weißgeschuppte. The South german Shield are a breed that offer both the "veteran breeder" as well as the Young Breeders sufficient incentives.
Süddeutsche Schildtaube - Bouclier  de l'Allemagne du sud

Süddeutsche Schildtaube - Bouclier  de l'Allemagne du sud

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