Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Silesian Colourhead pigeons ( Slezský barevnohlávek )

Czech pigeons - utility form pigeons
Schlesischer Farbenkopf-Tête colorée de Silésie-Silesian Colourhead-Slezský barevnohlávek
Fancy pigeon Silesian Colourhead - or also known by the names : Tête Colorée de Silésie , Schlesischer Farbenkopf , Bavaglino Colorato Slesia , Силезский Цветноголовый - a variety that originated from Silesia and Bohemia ( Czech ) , but there is absolutely no note explaining since when this variety was developed , only mentioned as one of the ancient race . utility pigeons varieties belonging to this type , it is otherwise still rare, there is a note indicating that these varieties are in danger of extinction . At the present time , these varieties ranging widely developed in Moravia and some other cities. Having the ability to fly was good , but seemed to look more to the attention of breeders .
brown and white pigeons - pigeons pictures - homer pigeons

Schlesischer  Farbenkopf - utility pigeons - blue and white pigeons

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