Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Prachen Kanik pigeons ( Prácheňský káník )

Prácheňský káník - yellow pigeons
Prachener Kanik-Kanik-Prachen Kanik-Prácheňský káník
Fancy pigeon Prachen kanik - or also known by the names : kanik , Prachener Kanik , kanik Praga , Прахенский каник - a variety that originated from the territory Prachener ( Bohemia Southern , Czech / Czechoslovakia ) , which has been recognized since 1932 - while in Germany recognized in 1973. the varieties belonging utility pigeons types , including very popular, even dinayatakan as one of the favorite varieties in the world of fancy pigeon . Having the ability to fly very well , as well as the relatively elegant appearance .
Prácheňský káník

Prácheňský káník

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