Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Lausitz Tumbler pigeons ( Lausitzer Purzler )

Lausitzer Purzler rot geelstert-tumbler pigeons
Lausitzer Purzler - Culbutant de Lusace - Lausitz Tumbler
There are 2 various origins of the tumbler pigeons in Germany , there are common in south Germany , particulary goal in Silesia and Lausitz . The tumbler breed in the south Germany , Black Forest to Bavaria , are know as " Elsterpurzler " . Lausitz tumbler In the Lausitz area as " Lausitzer Purzler " . Because of the split Germany ( wall of Berlin) , the two are various breed are differently . In the south , the exhibition activity is privilege , But in Lausitz , the sporting qualities are keep : the tumble and the slam wings and follow a fly in " V " are Developed . Lausitz tumbler german tumbler pigeons  consequently by the various 2 are a little bit different on the head , eyes and the "draw " slightly different. My pigeons come from Mr. Peter Lhotsky ( in Germany ) . The Lausitzer Purzler is a tumbler ; it must to do single tumblers During the fly . It is the only competition in acrobatic Noted (a group of 3 pigeons) .

Culbutant Pie de Lusace - german tumbler pigeons

Lausitzer Purzler schwarz geelstert

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