Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Franconian Bagdad | wattle pigeons ( Fränkische Bagdette )

Franconian Bagdad - magpie bagdad pigeons
Fränkische Bagdette  -  Bagadais de Franconie - Franconian Bagdad
Fancy pigeon Franconian Baghdad - also known by the names : Bagadais de Franconie , Fränkische Bagdette , Bagadese in Franconia , Франконский багдет - is a variety that originated from Franconia ( Germany ) , known were developed and recognized since 1951. The varieties are classified as Type this Wattle pigeons , is a variety that is quite popular , both in the areas of origin as well as in several other European countries . This variety has a good ability to fly , but in recent decades is more geared as a dove ornament.

Franconian Bagdad - white pigeon

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