Sunday, August 7, 2016

Italien Sottobanca pigeons ( Sottobanca )

sottobanca pigeons - yellow pigeons
Sottobanca  -  Sottobanca Italien -  Italian Sottobanca
Sottobanca In the past it was reared for the meat. It is docile and never goes away from its shelters, but it is quite quarrelsome with its fellow creatures, against which it fights to have a hold over the best nest. Morphological characteristics Mean weight: 0,80 - 1,10 kg. The main characteristic is the well-shaped shell around the head. Large head, red orange or yellow eyes, black in the white range. Fiery red eyelids. Large neck, breast and back. Short, naked flesh- coloured tarsus. The colours of the plumage are: black, red, yellow (caldano), white over a ice white, granite background (magnano), and other colours.

Sottobanca Modenese

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