Monday, June 13, 2016

Slowakian Cropper ( Slovenskt volác )

Slowakischer Kröpfer  - Boulant Slovaque  -  Slowakian Cropper - Slovenskt volác
The Slovak Cropper is a relatively short, sharp Weißkopfkröpfer with erect habit and a pear Blaswerk . The primitive Kropftaube comes from the districts Myjava , Nové Mesto and Piestany Western Slovakia and can be traced back to the original type of the Central European pouter . He belongs to the group of those vital pouter that were once referred disparagingly as Bauernkröpfer . With its high fertility , good rearing capacity of caring parents and his flying he is still considered a good economic dove .

pouter - pigeons fall

pigeons pictures - slowakian


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