Saturday, June 11, 2016

Old Dutch Turbit ( Oudhollandse Meeuw )

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Altholländisches Mövchen  -  Cravaté Hollandais ancien  -  Old Dutch Turbit - Oudhollandse Meeuw
Origin: Netherlands. Even though the judging of the Old Dutch Turbit is dependent on many things, it is important to remember three main areas, namely: Type, Head and Beak. Type: In judging for type we look for a body with a horizontal station, with a broad deep, well rounded chest. Many birds lack in this area. When looking down on a Dutch Turbit it should show a triangular form, wide in the shoulders and tapering to the tail. The tail should be short. Neck and legs should be of sufficient length.

old dutch owl
old dutch owl pigeons - pigeons

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