Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spanish Pigeon ( Spaniertaube )

Spaniertaube-utiliy pigeons
Spaniertaube - Pigeon Espagnol - Spanish Pigeon
Spanish Pigeon - or also known by the names : Pigeon Espagnol , Spaniertaube , Spagnolo , Испанский Голубь - a variety that originated from the region of Thuringia ( Germany ) , but has not found the data since when was developed ( only expected since the 18th century or more early). utility pigeons varieties classified this type , believed to be the result of a cross with the Nuremberg Race , Colour, and Turkish . Classified as popular varieties (quite common in Germany ) , but still rare and not widely cultivated outside Germany . This variety is informed able to fly very well , but initially still debated whether it is a type of pigeon meat or not . In further developments , the appearance is more the center of attention of the breeder.

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