Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thuringian Spot color pigeons

german color  pigeons - color pigeons
Thüringer Schnippe - Heurté deThuringe - Thuringian Spot pigeons
Thuringian Spot - or also known by the names : Heurté de Thuringe , Thüringer Schnippe , mascherato in Turingia , Тюрингский Пятнистый - a variety that originated from the region of Thuringia ( Germany ) , which is declared as one of the ancient race , appropriate documentary record , has been known since 1876. the varieties were grouped into color pigeon this type , is very popular , especially originated in Sonnenberg , then to other cities , and has now spread to many countries , both in Europe and to other continents . This variety has the ability to fly adequate , but aspects of the exterior advantages over a concern .
thuringan spot - Thüringer Schnippe

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