Friday, September 23, 2016

Barbet of Liège pigeons ( Luikse Barbet )

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Lütticher Barbet  -  Barbet Liègeois  -  Barbet of Liège  -  Luikse Barbet
As its name suggests the Liège barbet was created in the Liege region during the 19 th century. This is the result of crosses between the snub pigeon pigeon and a cravat (the French cravat when and which resembled the cravat current Liège). The currently missing snub pigeon was used to create other breeds between the Liège another traveler .We called snub because of its very short beak .The barbet Liege was used as a messenger. This is a very social pigeon vis-à-vis other even smaller breeds, and is attached to his pigeon loft, so can be released from custody. As the name suggests it is in Group 8 of cravats pigeons.

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