Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Canario Cropper-pouter pigeons ( Buchon Canario )

Canario Cropper - cropper pigeons
Canario Kröpfer - Boulant Canario - Canario Cropper - Buchon Canario
The Canario Cropper - or also known by the names : Boulant Canario , Canario Kröpfer , Buchon Canario , Canario , Канарский Дутыш - is a variety that comes from the Canary Islands ( Spain ) , which is expected to begin to be developed since the 1900s . Some breeders believe that this variety is probably the result of crossing with the old race Valencian , Rafeno Cropper and some local pigeons . Cropper pigeons belonging to this type , has been very popular and has been developed in various European countries . This variety of new standardized in the standard around the year 2009.

canario pouters -  Buchon Canario

canario cropper - spain pigeons

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