Friday, September 23, 2016

Mookee pigeons ( Mokeetaube )

tumbler pigeons - german
Mokeetaube - Mookee
This Indian breed of pigeon is known for its highly arched neck, which tends to shake. It carries its breast forward like a Fantail, but the tail is carried narrowly and close to the ground. It is most commonly found in black, with a white head. Mookee - or also known by the names: Mokeetaube, Муки - a variety that originated from India, one of the ancient race, which has been developed for a long time in his home country, and was first introduced to Europe in the year 1676. In Germany developed in 1910, exhibited in Dortmund in 1971. Some of the notes that were classified as type tumbler pigeons  varieties since the 18th century actually been debated, with the use of the term when the "pigeon neck trembling". This variety can fly well, but now the development is intended for a unique and attractive appearance. Noteworthy in terms of development and promotion, placing it as the varieties EE Germany

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