Saturday, September 24, 2016

Memeler Highflyer pigeons ( Memeler Hochflieger )

Memeler Hochflieger - Haut-volant de Memel - Memel Highflyer
The Memeler high flyer is an old native Tümmlerrasse Pamarys, become apparent only after 1920 outside his home. The origin of Memelers is not fully understood. It is believed that Bremer and Hanoverian porpoises that were brought by merchants at the time to Memel, were crossed with the local local breed. The striking coincidence in each color strokes raises also the suspicion that the Memeler is related to the Danziger. Hans Seelmann reported in his book for high flying pigeon sport that he has seen in the 80 years of the 19th century swarms that would unparalleled. He further wrote that Memeler scattered at that time, when they had reached a certain height. They must therefore be described as solo flyer. Emphasized their exceptionally smooth flight The Special Club, which was founded in Tilsit, cares until today very active u. A. To the exhibition industry and the high flight. In the rearing of his boys Memeler is very reliable and thus recommended for everybody.
Haut - volant de Memel

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