Monday, February 6, 2017

Hungarian Magpie-Tumbler ( Magyar szarka keringö )

Magyar szarka keringö
Ungarischer Elstertümmler - Pie Hongrois - Hungarian Magpie-Tumbler  - Magyar szarka keringö
The Hungarian Magpie tumbler- or also known by the names: Magyar Szarka Keringő, Culbutant Pie Hongrois, Ungarischer Elsterstümmler, Венгерская Сорока - a variety that originated from Hungary, especially from Törökszenimiklós and surrounding areas, including in Turkey and the region St. Nicholas, but have not found the information since when began to be developed, just as probable in the 18th century or earlier. Varieties belonging tumbler type is known among other things for good flying skills, as well as beautiful appearance.

Pie Hongrois

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