Saturday, January 21, 2017

Craiova chestnutbrown Tumbler ( Castaniu de Craiova )

Craiova chestnutbrown Tumbler
Craiovaer kastanienbrauner Tümmler - Haut-volant de Craiova - Craiova chestnutbrown Tumbler Craiova Brown - Castaniu de Craiova
The Craiova Chestnutbrown Tumbler - or also known by the names: Haut-volant de Craiova, Craiovaer Kastanienbrauner Tümmler, Altovolante in Craiova, Крайова каштановый турман - is a variety that comes from Craiova, Romania. Information has been discovered since when these varieties are developed, only expected since the 18th century. Varieties are classified as type this tumbler pigeons, originally developed for the purpose of flying skills, but now more and more for appearance purposes.

Craiovaer kastanienbrauner Tümmler

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