Friday, December 16, 2016

Crested Picard pigeons ( Huppé Picard )

crested red pigeons -
Picard Haube     Huppé Picard     Crested Picard
The Crested Picard pigeons- or also known by the names: Huppe Picard, Picard Haube, Cuffia della Picardia, Хохлатый пикард - is a variety that comes from the Somme region (Picardy), Francis. Varieties are classified into type this utility form pigeons, has been developed for a long time, among other things is known that in 1700 many kept in monasteries, and when it was very unpopular. In 1922, this variety is commonly known as mondain Picard, or Picardy Modena, and disappeared almost 60 years. Later this variety reappeared, and recognized in the basic standard in 1987. This pigeon has a pretty good flying skills.

Picard Haube

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