Thursday, December 15, 2016

Saxon Swallow ( Sächsische Schwalbe )

Hirondelle de Saxe
Sächsische Schwalbe - Hirondelle de Saxe - Saxon Swallow

The Saxon Fairy Swallow - or also known by the names: Hirondelle Fée de Saxe, Sächsische Feeschwalbe, Rondine Fata in Sassonia, Саксонской Фея ласточка - a variety that originated in Germany, developed in the region of Saxony, which is expected to begin to be developed in a century 19th. color pigeons varieties classified as type is very popular, and became klangenan many fans, not only in Germany but also in various countries in Europe. Varieties that bears the name "fairy" does have an attractive appearance, although it can fly, yet since the beginning of its creation, this appearance became the focus affirmation of existence of this variety.

Sächsische Schwalbe

Sächsische Schwalbe

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