Thursday, November 17, 2016

Gumbinnen White-Head Tumbler ( Gumbinner Weißkopf )

Gumbinner Weißkopf
Gumbinner Weißkopf - Tête blanche de Gumbinnen - Gumbinnen White-Head Tumbler
The Gumbinnen Whitehead pigeons- also known by the names: Culbutant de Gumbinnen, Gumbinner Weisskopf, Capitombolante in Gumbinnen a Testa Bianca, Гамбин белоголовый - a variety that originated from the territory of East Prussia, especially in the areas of Pomerania and Gumbinen (Germany) , but have not found the information sejaka when started to be developed, is expected only in the 18th century. Varieties are classified as type tumbler pigeons, besides developed for good flying skills, as well as varieties bernampilan assessed as good.

Tête blanche de Gumbinnen

german tumbler pigeons

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