Friday, October 7, 2016

Saxon Crescent Pigeon ( Sächsische Mondtaube )

Sächsische Mondtaube
Sächsische Mondtaube -  Pigeon Lune de Saxe - Saxon Crescent Pigeon
Fancy pigeon Saxon Crescent - or also known by the names: Pigeon Lune de Saxe, Sächsische Mondtaube, Colombo Lunato in Sassonia, Саксонский лунный голубь - is a variety that comes from Saxony and Silesia (Germany), informed was developed most-not on the 19th century. color pigeons varieties classified as type is also very popular as an ornamental pigeon, has been developed extensively in many countries in Europe. Variety development is fully resting on luxury, elegance and harmonious overall appearance. Although including varieties that have the ability to fly, but the practical ability is starting to disappear.
Sächsische Mondtaube - color pigeons

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