Saturday, October 15, 2016

Old Dutch Tumbler ( Oudhollandse Tuimelaar )

tumbler pigeons - muffed tumbler pigeons
Altholländischer Tümmler - Culbutant Hollandais ancien - Old Dutch Tumbler - Oudhollandse Tuimelaar
Old Dutch Tumbler - also known by the names: Culbutant Hollandais Ancien, Altholländischer Tümmler, Vecchio Capitombolante Olandese, Староголландский Турман - a variety that originated from the Netherlands, which was developed since the 16th century, but the original actually came from India , Varieties are classified as type tumbler pigeons is now widespread in Europe, popular and many farmed by residents. This variety is able to fly well, but more focused on the appearance of beauty.

Oudhollandse Tuimelaar

Altholländischer Tümmler

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