Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lucerne Gold Collar ( Luzerner Goldkragen )

swiss pigeons - color type -racing owl
Luzerner Goldkragen - Lucernois à col doré - Lucerne Gold Collar
Lucerne Gold Collar - or also known by the names: Lucernois à Col Doré, Luzerner Goldkragen, Lucernese a Collo Dorato, Люцернский золотошейный - a variety that originated from Lucerne (Switzerland), which has started to be developed by the breeder century -19. According to records, the varieties are classified into colour pigeons type is expressed as a result of cross-marriages between the races Switzerland and Owl. This variety is also very popular in her home country, and is known as a good aviator.
lucerne pigeons - swiss pigeons

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