Saturday, September 3, 2016

Rafeno Cropper-pouter pigeons ( Buchon Rafeño )

cropper pigeons - spain pigeons - black fancy pigeons - Buchon Rafeño
Rafeno Kröpfer - Boulant Rafeno - Rafeno Cropper
Fancy pigeon Rafeno Cropper - or also known by the names : Boulant Rafeno , Rafeno Kröpfer , Gozzuto Rafeno , Рафено - is one of the varieties or races are very ancient , coming from Andalusia ( southern Spain ) , since the beginning of the 8th century , but is thought originally from North Africa . Varieties are classified as type this Cropper , now very popular, widely developed in various countries in Europe . Some breeders also informed that this variety is very much used as breeders for varieties " Cropper " others . Can fly quite well , but its development is more geared to improving the quality of his performance .

Boulant Rafeno - rafeno cropper - fancy pigeons - pigeon pictures

Rafeno Kröpfer - silver pigeons - rafeno cropper

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