Thursday, September 15, 2016

Chorrera Structure Pigeons

structure pigeons - fancy - spanish pigeons
 Chorrera-Taube - chorrera structure pigeons
Fancy pigeon Chorrera - or also known by the names : Chorrera - Taube , Чоррера - is a variety that is perceived by some as coming from Germany , although some believe as a pigeon breeder Spanish race , which began to be developed since the 1800s . Now , varieties belonging structure pigeons type is widely cultivated in Catalonia , in the Mediterranean Sea and the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula ( Spain ) , which in the Catalan language is called " Colom d' Enreixat " . Spain has been breeding and perform trend towards these varieties for nearly 200 years - so it is more appropriate if it is considered as a pigeon Spanish . There have also been bred in several other countries in Europe , or on another continent. It is estimated that this variety has a very close relationship with the Chinese Owl .
blue barred pigeons

white chorrera

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