Friday, September 2, 2016

Anbary Asmar | egyptian swift pigeons

egyptian pigeons - swift pigeons
anbary asmar
Anbary Asmar swift A 1994 flying-show bird on the right, note the width of the frontal and the strong beak. A profile of the same bird below, showing a sweeping face and a wide neck blending with a body of an average length. Typical flying birds tends to be more slender. The wattle does not play a role in a bird's value. It is a part of the sweep as you see in the both pictures. A coarse wattle and eye cere is noted in older birds this group as well as Otatis and Reds, than any other Swift group.

Anbary Asmar: Self-black and black with white flights. Beak is short to medium, strong and blunt as in the Otati.
anbary asmar swift

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