Friday, August 5, 2016

Saar pigeons ( Saarlandtaube )

Pigeon de la Sarre
Saarlandtaube - Pigeon de la Sarre - Saar Pigeon

The Saar Pigeon - or also known by the names : Pigeon de la Sarre , Saarlandtaube , Colombo della Saar , Саарский голубь - is a variety that comes from Saarland ( Germany ) , informed has been developed since the 1930s , which is when it was developed primarily for commercial purposes ( culinary market product ) . Once separated from World War II , the varieties classified UTILITY PİGEONS  type is exhibited for the first time in Saarbrücken , in 1960 , under the name Dove Saarland . Since then it 's become widespread varieties bred in Germany , and finally recognized in the permanent standard in 1976 , with the name Saar Pigeon . This variety is able to fly well , and also has a nice appearance .


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