Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lucerne self pigeons ( Einfarbige Luzerner Taube )

lucerne pigeons - Lucernois unicolore
Einfarbige Luzerner Taube-Lucernois unicolore-Lucerne Self color pigeons
The Self Lucerne pigeons- or also known by the names : Lucernois Unicolore , Einfarbige Luzerner Taube , Lucernese Unicolore , Люцернский Голубь - a variety that originated from Switzerland  (Switzerland) , mainly developed in the region of Lucerne , who informed began in the 19th century , Varieties are classified into type this color pigeons , believed to be the result of a cross between Swiss race with Owl , and is quite popular in the area of ​​origin , but has not been common in many countries in Europe. If considered, in addition to having an attractive appearance , this variety also has good flying skills .

Einfarbige Luzerner Taube

Lucernois unicolore - Einfarbige Luzerner Taube

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