Thursday, July 7, 2016

Syrian curled Dewlap pigeons ( Frisé Syrien )

syrian dewlap
Syrische Gelockte Wammentaube  -  Frisé Syrien  -  Syrian curled Dewlap
Syrian Curled dewlap - or also known by the names : Frise Syrien , Syrische Gelockte Wammentaube , Messagero Arricciato Siriano , Papada Rizada de Siria , Сирийский Пузатый Голубь ( Карликовый ) - are varieties coming from Syria (north ) , and Asia Minor , but the information has been discovered since when was developed ( estimated only in the 20th century ) . Varieties which are classified into types syrian utility pigeons this is still a close relative of varieties " dewlap " ( Adana , Basra , Mawardi , Abu abse , and others - all varieties of Syria) . Some records show that the development of these varieties are early and intensively conducted in Francis ( EE sets so Francis as the country of origin ) . This variety has a good ability to fly , but it seems now more appearances aspects became the focus of development

syrian dewlap pigeons - Frisé Syrien

Syrian curled Dewlap - Frisé Syrien

curled dewlap - Syrische Gelockte Wammentaube

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