Friday, July 15, 2016

American giant runt pigeons

grizzle pigeons - runt pigeons

The Giant Runt: The Giant Runt is the largest of the domestic pigeon family. Why the name Runt? Well, it goes back to their origins in France and Spain where the term runt means common or plain, but even there these huge pigeons are anything but plain or common. Some of these pigeons have been weighed in at over 3 pounds. This Giant Runt's color is called grizzle. See how it is mottled, or grizzled all over. It was bred by Bob Pennington and was the Reserve Champion of the show, being a young hen, number 110. The Shows: The national shows are set up much like other animal breed competitions. Each breed competes primarily against others in the same breed of the same age and sex. In cases where sufficient numbers are being exhibited, they may be broken down even further into separate color classes or other grouping.

american giant runt pigeons

american runt - american giant

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